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Shared Time
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Shared Time

Shared Time

Shared time allows a homeschool student to take a class (whether a core subject or elective) at their designated local public school.  While the Minnesota Department of Education allows shared time, it is not a mandate for public school districts to implement (except as related to special education services).  As such, the homeschool instructor needs to contact their local public school to discuss if the needs of the homeschool student may be met.  Factors considered in making the acceptance decision at the local school level are, for example, class size, class schedule, degree of disruption to the public school students' education, etc.  Ultimately, a principal will assess the request and make the final determination.  MPS Board policy specifically states:


     1.  Pupils are residents of the city of Minneapolis

     2.  A signed request is received from the pupil and his/her parent or guardian.

     3.  Space is available in specifically requested classes that are held during regular public school hours.

     4.  Shared time participation does not limit or detract from the instructional program for public school students.


For information about extra-curricular activies, such as athletics, please visit our MPS Athletic Programs tab here:  https://homeschool.mpls.k12.mn.us/MPS_Athletic_Programs