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Enrollment Forms
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2020-21 Enrollment Forms

2020-21 Enrollment Forms


You may now register for homeschooling online!

First time homeschoolers (or returning with a gap in homeschooling):  Initial Report to the Superintendent

Returning homeschoolers (no gap in homeschooling):  Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction

**All new homeschool students must submit a Pupil Immunization Form (which includes Consicentous Exemption, if applicable) by email to mps.homeschool@mpls.k12.mn.us.  This also applies to returning students that reach the age of 12 or enter 7th grade.



PDF MPS Database Registration Form   --   Requested for new to Minneapolis Public Schools only (to be able to enter your student in our database). Not required by MDE, however this information greatly assists us and is used by other new students.
PDF MDE'S Fillable Initial Registration Form for Unaccredited Nonpublic Schools   --  For first-time homeschool enrollment, or for use when there has been a gap in homeschool enrollment.
PDF MDE's Fillable Letter of Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction   --  For re-enrollment in homeschooling (when there has been no gap in homeschooling).
PDF MDE's Pupil Immunization Statement   --  Required for first time homeschool enrollment, or for reenrollment after having left homeschool for a period of time; also required for 12 year olds or 7th graders, whichever comes first.
PDF Nonpublic Aid Request Form   --  To be submitted by October 1st for textbook and standardized test reimbursement up to a certain amount per child (generally between $80-$85 per child, per year). Requires becoming a vendor with Minneapolis Public Schools.
PDF Request for Guidance Counseling   --  To request guidance/counseling services. DUE BY SEPTEMBER 15th.
PDF Request for Health Services   --  To request health services. DUE BY SEPTEMBER 15th.