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Homeschool Enrollment Resources

Homeschool Enrollment Resources

If you are not able to download and print the enrollment resources and would like a packet mailed to you, send an email with your full name and the complete mailing address to or call (612) 668-1242. 

If you requested the Student Report for Aids, the vendor process and reimbursement form/procedures are also located below.


PDF MDE Homeschooling Questions & Answers   --  Updated August 2019
PDF Non Public Aid Request Form   --  Request for textbook/standardized testing reimbursement.
PDF New Vendor Directions and Reimbursement Procedures   --  Includes link to self-registration for new vendors, as well as procedure & form for textbook/standardized testing reimbursements. See also Example of Vendor Self Registration form and W-9.
PDF New Vendor W-9   --  Also required periodically for existing vendors